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Privacy, personal data protection, and freedom of expression under quarantine? The Peruvian experience



In this article, the authors make a quantitative and qualitative study of all the Executive regulations issued during the State of Emergency in Peru, that may have impacted the fundamental rights of privacy, personal data protection, and freedom of expression. Peru represents an emblematic case study. It adopted one of the earliest, lengthiest and most severe lockdowns in the world, together with numerous regulations that restricted their citizens' civil liberties. Unlike other jurisdictions, the implemented measures in Peru did not focus solely on more controversial and technological activities such as mass surveillance, face recognition, and contact tracing mobile applications. Rather, massive collection and use of personal data, geolocation, and mandatory registration as a pre-requisite for mobilization during lockdown are among the most important hazards identified by this research. The research aims to illustrate some of the perils that similar countries may be facing during and after the fight against COVID-19.

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