Estimation of the displacements among distant events based on parallel tracking of events in seismic traces under uncertainty



The method we propose in this paper seeks to estimate interface displacements among strata related with reflection seismic events, in comparison to the interfaces at other reference points. To do so, we search for reflection events in the reference point of a second seismic trace taken from the same 3D survey and close to a well. However, the nature of the seismic data introduces uncertainty in the results. Therefore, we perform an uncertainty analysis using the standard deviation results from several experiments with cross-correlation of signals. To estimate the displacements of events in depth between two seismic traces, we create a synthetic seismic trace with an empirical wavelet and the sonic log of the well, close to the second seismic trace. Then, we relate the events of the seismic traces to the depth of the sonic log. Finally, we test the method with data from the Namorado Field in Brazil. The results show that the accuracy of the event estimated depth depends on the results of parallel cross-correlation, primarily those from the procedures used in the integration of seismic data with data from the well. The proposed approach can correctly identify several similar events in two seismic traces without requiring all seismic traces between two distant points of interest to correlate strata in the subsurface.

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